The village developed along the upper reaches of Lisznyó creek. The population is 87 (2002 census). In its boundary, in the former Temesváry garden, there is a sweet -sulphurous mineral water source. Earlier the warmed mineral water was used for treating rheumatic patients in baths.

Regardless of the small population, there is a primary school and a cultural centre. The Cultural Center’s garden is the scene of many events during the summer.

Törökvár (Turkish Castle) can be found on the northern side of Várbérc, on the top of Borzos or Küszürüs mountains (919 m). It is supposed that there is a tunnel connecting it with the Csigavár (Snail’s Castle) near Bikfalva. Barabás Castle stood on the top of Borzos Mountain. Folklore tradition has legends and beliefs for both castles.

The blue triangle trail shows the way from Lisznyópatak to the spine of the Bodza Mountains and to its highest point Szeredő, at 1029 m, where Snowdrops blossom in large fields in the spring.