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Our athletes


Mária and Hajnal Korodi

The twins are born in 1950 in the twin village of Szentivánlaborfalva. They attend primary school in Szentivánlaborfalva. They started playing table tennis under the instruction of Ferenc Molnár and András Boga. After a 5-6 month training period they win the national youth table tennis championships in Marosvásárhely. Due to their success, the rail team of Brasso contracts them as their athletes. After completing 8th grade they successfully pas their entry exam to the Hungarian faculty of Unirea High school in Brasso. Their new trainer is Aurel Popovici. Under his instruction Maria and Hajnal become national and European youth champions, win numerous international competitions as individuals, pair and team players. They both graduate from the Faculty of Biology of the Pedagogy College of Brasso. As athletes they had the opportunity to travel in Europe and Asia. They have visited Leningrad, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Köln, Krakow, Budapest and Wien. They also visited China and Turkey. Maria signed a contract with Arad Sports Club in 1972 and started teaching biology in the village of Szentpál. Hajnalka began teaching in Gyimes region. They both completed their College studies at the University of Bucharest. They both managed to advance their career. Hajnalka transferred first to Uzon, then to Sepsiszentgyörgy. She taught at Mikes Kelemen High school and later became director of the Agricultural High school, then deputy inspector of education, the director of the Educator’s House, then adult educator and manager. Maria also became director in Arad. They both received the Ezüstgyopár (silver cottonweed) award of the Hungarian Educator’s Association. Hajnalka is the founding member of the Berde Mózsa Foundation in Szentivánlaborfalva who accomplished to erect monuments (1848-49 revolution), give prizes to the students for good achievements (Berde-loaf award), and helping the poor families. They maintained a close working relationship with the Church and initiated partnership with Cibakfalva, Hungary and published the „Twin Village on the banks of Feketeügy” monograph. They were active members of the Association of Hungarian Educators of Romania and the Hungarian Cultural Association of Transylvania. Hajnalka passed away in 2010. May her memory be blessed. Maria lives in Arad with her family.


A millecentenarial monument for the

Return to the Carpathian Basin in 896 A.D.

(in the garden of the Reformed Church)

The millenial monument for the foundation of the Christian Hungarian Kingdom in 1000 A.D.

(In the garden of the Reformed Church)


1848-49 Revolution

(on the east frontage of the Reformed Church)

On the frontage of the Reformed Church

On the frontage of the Mayor’s Office

Headboard for the memory of Gergely Pünkösti

officer of the 1848-49 revolution

(located in the Central Park)



Monument for the martyrs of World War II.

(located in the Central Park)









Paintings on the inserts of benches and balconies made in 1797