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Sándor Fazakas – bone carver

mobile: 0040756849904

Szentivánlaborfalva 73

He innovatively crates his household items from bone and horn, always looking for new solutions. He finished his elementary school studies in Szentivanlaborfalva and started working in the cabinet factory in Saint George. He went to apprentice school for three years and also went to private seminars to the school instructor to Kalnok. Since there was a greater demand for bone carving than for wood carving and therefore switched to bone carving. He taught wood carving for seven years in the now known Kos Karoly School. Even though there are some difficulties, he works with a youthful momentum and optimism.


János Pál – amateur painter

It was his childhood dream to become a detective, however when officers at the Romanian army found out in 1989, he was considered enemy to the communist regime and was bullied and treated brutally until he was emotionally destroyed and later retired.

Nowadays he is occupied with small scale farming, and paints during his free time. He also composes music. He plays his drums and electronic organ. He had several exhibitions in Bikfalva and he has regular exhibitions on Bikfalva Village Days.


Imre Szabó – amateur painter

By his first profession, he is an Iron worker. He worked in the Distillery of Uzon until retirement. He is also dedicated to his community. He is the head administrator and county judge of the Reformed Congregation in Uzon, besides being a painter as well. He does not consider himself a painter, although, he had several exhibitions in Uzon, and gave some painting as gifts to close friends. He has about 50-60 paintings. He believes that you can only paint when you are rested and the initiation has to come from within.


Alpár Péter – visual artist


I have been involved with three dimensional space as the scene of visual art. I have been installing enclosed space and have done performance sin them. As this process became a unique spiritual path for me the given space has extended, and finally surpassing the chilled elegance of exhibition rooms I stepped out into nature. The microcosm of the artist meets and expresses itself in the infinity of the macrocosm.

Ferenc Sánta – painter

email: melaszurej@gmail.com

mobil: (004) 0734155470

Who is Ferenc Sánta?

He is a painter. A very good painter, from Saint George. But where did he study. He did not study in college! Is he an amateur? No, he is not. Then how can he paint so well? From inner motivation, noble initiation and an almost surrealistic obsession. Because his belief transfers when he touches paintbrush to canvas. His belief is deep, strong and unmovable just like he handles his brush with momentum and precision. His seasoned color scheme and the deliberate avoidance of detail that captures the essence of his theme. The technique of painting can be and should be learned. But what cannot be learned is what gives warmth to this otherwise cold, empty and meaningless technique, no matter how it is applied. Because, the artistic sensitivity, the attraction to form and color is a gift from birth. Ferenc Santa has received more than usual of this capability, and hence the special and unusual approach to his world view, and the uniqueness of religious paintings.

Julia Németh (art critic)





Csoportos kiállítások:

– Edinburgh (Skócia) – 1991 dec.

– Kovászna – 1992 (Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Emlékmúzeum)

– Sepsiszentgyörgy – 1992. 07.16. – „Tetemrehívás” (Gyárfás Jenő Képtár)

– Ann Art Performance Days3 – 1992. júl.(Szent Anna tó)

– Sepsiszentgyörgy – 1994. júl. – Medium 3

– Budapest – 1994 – „Sepsiszentgyörgyi Műhely” címmel (Vármegye Galéria)

– Kovászna – 1997.04.11. -„A Fa”(megnyitja Starmüller Géza)

– Székesfehérvár – 1998

– Kézdivásárhely – 1998.10.10. (Vigadó Művelődési Ház)

– Kovászna – 2000 – „Az idő arcai, Kövek”

Egyéni kiállítások:

– Sepsiszentgyörgy – 1993.06.01. – Akvarell (S. F. és Czintos László; Sugás áruház Belvedere Galériában, megnyitja Veress Gerzson);

– Sepsiszentgyörgy – 1997.09.18. (Kultúrpalotában); 2001

– Budaörs – 1994, jótékonysági kiállítás (Jókai Mór Művelődési Központ, megnyitja Dr. Surján László és Dr. Losonczi Miklós), (Oktogon Bank Galéria)

– Budapest – 1995 (Virányosi Közösségi Ház – Galéria)

– Baden (Ausztria) – 1995 (családi tárlat)

– Illyefalva– 1996 (Kida Központ)

– Kolozsvár – 1997.09.13 – 1997.09.26. („Kegyelem”– Szent Mihály Római Katolikus Nőszövetség Szentegyház utcai székhelye; megnyitja Murádin Jenő, Starmüller Géza, méltatja Németh Júlia műkritikus)

– Kolozsvár – 1998.09.25. – 1998.10.09. (Akvarell – Szent Mihály Római Katolikus Nőszövetség Szentegyház utcai székhelye)

– Kolozsvár – 1998.09.26. – 1998.10.17. („Isten kezében” – olajfestmények és installációk – a Külső Ref. Egyházmegye Esperesi Hivatalának Gy. Szabó Béla Galériájában)

– Illyefalva – 2001.06.06. – (Rusztika Ház)

– Kovászna – 2001.09.30. – 2001.10. 6. – „Ébresztő” – (Háromszék, Gazda József)

– 105-ös Galéria (Sepsiszentgyörgy) – állandó kiállítás

– Tiszadob – 2002 (Andrássy Kastély)