The Great March of the Szeklers


October 27 is definitely a new milestone in the struggle for the autonomy of Szeklerland. This was evident in Uzon as well, since a large number of Szekler Hungarians gathered for the start of the ecumenical mass at 11 am. Our brothers from Csíkszék arrived in traditional Szekler uniforms, bringing along banners, signs and flags supported by their brass bands. Finally the Szekler Nation has shown its real face. We are strong and stick together.

All generations have represented themselves on this demonstration. The importance of this event was proven by the fact that high ranking politicians also have taken part. Senator Laszlo Klárik and members of parliament László Borbély and Kóródi Attila also demonstrated in Uzon.

At the end of the ecumenical mass, the demonstrators started their march in two directions, toward Sentivánlaborfalva and Kökös villages, lead by the Hussars of Uzon and the Atlantis Brass Band, in order to meet halfway between the villages. The passengers of the cars passing through the village were surprised and most of the television stations were present. According to the organizers as many as 120 thousand people attended the march and formed a live chain on the 50 km distance between Kökös and Bereck.