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XV. Uzon Községi Napok – 2018




     2018 június 1 és 3 között sor került az uzoni Polgármesteri Hivatal és Önkormányzat által megszervezett XV Uzon Községi Napokra. A programsorozatban a község összes lakói találtak kedvükre valót, kicsitől nagyig, hiszen sor került gyereknapi tevéknységekre illetve előadásokra, valamint különböző kulturális, sport és gasztronómiai eseményekre is. Az előadásokat nem csak a községünk lakói élvezhették, hanem a testvértelepüléseinkről –azaz Csorvásról, Nagykátáról és Tolnáról- érkezett küldöttségek tagjai is.

     Számos különböző stílusokat képviselő fellépők és hagyománnyá vált programok szórakozatták a résztvevőket. Idén ismételten sor került az óriáskürtőskalács megsütésére, az Önkéntes Túzoltó Alakulat baleseti mentést szimuláló bemutatójára, az állatkiállításra valamint a Fúvóstalálkozóra is. A rendezvénysorozatot a hagyományokhoz híven tűzijáték zárta.

(Ballai Timea Barbara)

The Great March of the Szeklers


October 27 is definitely a new milestone in the struggle for the autonomy of Szeklerland. This was evident in Uzon as well, since a large number of Szekler Hungarians gathered for the start of the ecumenical mass at 11 am. Our brothers from Csíkszék arrived in traditional Szekler uniforms, bringing along banners, signs and flags supported by their brass bands. Finally the Szekler Nation has shown its real face. We are strong and stick together.

All generations have represented themselves on this demonstration. The importance of this event was proven by the fact that high ranking politicians also have taken part. Senator Laszlo Klárik and members of parliament László Borbély and Kóródi Attila also demonstrated in Uzon.

At the end of the ecumenical mass, the demonstrators started their march in two directions, toward Sentivánlaborfalva and Kökös villages, lead by the Hussars of Uzon and the Atlantis Brass Band, in order to meet halfway between the villages. The passengers of the cars passing through the village were surprised and most of the television stations were present. According to the organizers as many as 120 thousand people attended the march and formed a live chain on the 50 km distance between Kökös and Bereck.



Cultural weekend organized by the Mayor’s Office of Ozun

The July 20th weekend will be memorable for the residents of Ozun. On this weekend there was a theatrical performance by the Mora Ferenc Theatre from Algyo, Hungary. The wind band concert and majorette parade was performed by the „Atlantisz” Cultural Association of Ozun and by the wind band and „Pearl” majorette group from Mezohegyes, Hungary.

The amateur actors of the Mora Ferenc Theatre have performed beyond everybody’s expectation with their comedy performance. Perhaps director and actor Sandor Kato, born in the nearby St. George City, is a guarantee for professional-like performance, who is also a former Romanian and Balkan boxing champion, and trainer. Mr. Kato started his acting career at the Hungarian National Theater in St. George and later moved to Temesvar, Budapest and Szeged. He also starred in the 80 Hussar film in the late seventies. The actors performed songs followed piano and guitar between the acts. At the very beginning they performed the Honfoglalas song which moved and affected the spectators, but they were also enthralled by the comedy. At the end of the performance the audience rewarded the actors with standing ovation.


The wind band concert at 12 pm on Sunday was opened by the „Atlantisz” Cultural Association as a way of greeting the guest performers from Mezohegyes. Parallel to the concert the majorette group performed their choreography with the high quality and professionalism expected of them. After the „Atlantisz” Cultural Association the guests from Mezohegyes also performed a concert with the majorette choreography. Their performance truly awed the audience from Uzon. Already before the concert ended some people suggested that there should be more cultural events organized on regular bases.


9th Bikfalva Village Festival – 2013

The 9th Bikfalva Village Festival was organized on June 9th. The village situated at the foot of the Bodzafordulo mountains can be called the pearl of the seven villages under the administration of Uzon, since there are numerous mansions and manor houses there. In the village also known as the land of manor houses, time for celebration has arrived once again. The celebration was justified by the rainy weather, very good for the crops, since the majority of the village residents are farmers.

The festivities began with the Sunday mass in the Presbiterian Chapel. Seeming as a tradition, the men gathered in front of the gate and shook hands respectively, discussed events of the village while awaiting András Klátyik and the deputation from Alsótold- Hungary, Mayor Dr. István Ráduly, Vice Mayor Csaba Ábrahám and other villagers. At the end of the mass the Mayor and Vice Mayor could not adress the oldest member of the village Rozália Erdélyi, as customary on every village festival, but as the grandson of Rózsika néni, Vice Mayor Csaba Ábrahám accepted the flowers and small gift on her behalf.


At the end of the mass, the congregation visited the fortified church and its ancient tombstone collection. Even though the church is under renovation, it was still a breathtaking sight. The church can seat about a thousand people, since the population of Bikfalva used to be around that.

The afternoon events began with the procession of the wind band and the majorettes. Following, mayor Dr. István Ráduly oficially opened the festivities. The mayor of Alsótold – Hungary, András Klátyik and pastor Imre Sánta of Bikfalva also greeted the celebrating locals and guests.



After the official opening of the festival there was a show performed by the „Atlantisz” Wind Band and Majorette Group, mayor Dr. István Ráduly opened the exhibition of paintings made by János Pál, Dávid Bölöni perfomred his Csikós Show (tricks done by horse and rider) and a statue of St. Marie was ordained on the front courte of János Szabó in Bikfalva.


The festivities closed with the performance of the „Csere” Youth Folk Dance Group, the citation-, song- and dance performed by the Volunteers of Bikfalva, followed by the ball with live music lasting until midnight.



10th UzonVillage Festival – 2013



The banks of the river Feketeügy ware loud of joy on the 24-25-26 of May: the 10th Uzon Village Festival was on the venue. Before the official opening of the festivities, the book of former mayor, Laszlo Höncz, entitled „Guilty but a Winner” was introduced to the readers, which meditates on the events of the 1989 revolution. The readers were very active and some told their own experiences. History became alive on this meeting.



After Mayor Dr. István Ráduly officially opened the festival, the band called „Szalonspicc” (Saloon Buzz) performed songs in chanson, musical, operetta and film soundtracks. The concert proved successful and there was a full-house. At the end of the concert the crowd showed their appreciation by applauding the performers.


On Saturday the program began with a demonstration performed by the Voluntary Firefighters of Uzon. The talented youths could test their skills in mini football competition. In the late afternoon the Harai Band and Ágnes Zayzon performed authentic Hungarian music from Transylvania, later the „Csere” Youth Hungarian Folkdance Group followed by the Ida Aerobic modern dance performance. The main event of the day was the Annamari Dancs concert in the evening.


At 9 am on Sunday, cyclists gathered for a tour in the nearby villages. The celebrations following the tour started with a mass in the local Roman Catholic Church after which the new statue of Saint Mary, donated by Ibolya Dimény, was ordained. The inauguration of the Hussar Historical Reenactment Group took place in the central park, following which the plaque on the frontispiece of the Mayor’s Office, for the memory of the Hussars of the 1848-49 revolution was unveiled.


One of the most spectacular elements of the Sunday program was the procession of the „Szekler Virtus Historical Re-enactment Association” (hussars), the wind bands and majorettes invited for the Festival. The youths of Szentivánlaborfalva organized programs for children in the Leisure Park. There were Hungarian and Romanian folkdance performances by the „Pine” and „Voinestenii” dance groups. The folklore program was followed by the Hungarian „Piramid” band. The young and elderly residents of Uzon enjoyed the programs alike, which conserve our traditions and help to build relationships between the villages. In conclusion we can say that the 10th Uzon Village Festival was a successful event, and the fireworks were spectacular.